Images & Bitmap Tools in VinylMaster Ltr

VinylMaster Ltr supports all the major Image formats including .bmp, .gif, .jp2, .jpeg, .png, .tga and .tif along with many, many more… Plus! VinylMaster Ltr comes loaded with specialist Image (Bitmap) tools as follows:

• Image Filters
• Special Effects
• Image Editing
• Image Opacity (Transparency)
• Image Vectorizer (Tracing)
• Contour Cutting

VinylMaster’s Image Filters let you set the Image Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation along with Gamma Correction.

VinylMaster Image Editor

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The Image Editor

Image Editor (Adjustment Lab)
For even finer Image editing and specialist filters VinylMaster comes with an Image Editor that allows you set Color Correction and comes with Advanced Filters including Gaussian Blur and an amazingly powerful Color Reduction algorithm that takes full color Images and professionally reduces them down to and within a range of 2 to 256 colors.

Special Effects Images

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Special Image Effects

 VinylMaster comes with a large selection of Special Effects for images, as follows:

• Anti Alias
• Color Noise
• Contrast
• Darkness
• Emboss
• Fish Eye
• Grayscale
• Invert
• Lightness
• Mono Noise
• Mosaic
• Posterize
• Saturation
• Smooth
• Solarize
• Split Blur
• Split Light
• Spot Light
• Tile
• Trace
• Twist

Just a few of these effects are shown directly above.


Image Distortions

Along with Shapes and Vectors i.e. Curves and Paths VinylMaster also lets you apply distortions to Images so that you can design and create any number of image based effects.

Plus all the regular transformations such as rotate, skew and mirror etc. can all be applied to Images in VinylMaster.

Image Opacity

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Image Opacity

VinylMaster Ltr lets you set the opacity (transparency) of an image or a bitmap which is ideal for creating complex artwork with overlapping images that blend together with vector artwork etc.

Vectorizer (Tracing Module)

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The Vectorizer – Trace Images

The Vectorizer is a specialist utility used to Vectorize an Image (Bitmap) i.e. to Trace an Image. It does this by taking an Image and tracing around its pixels to create an editable and perfectly scalable set of curves (paths).

The Vectorizer comes with a number of Image Preparation and Correction tools to assist you in achieving the best possible results from even low-quality artwork inc. .jpg’s…

Contour Cutting in VinylMaster

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Contour Cutting Wizard

Contour Cutting involves placing an outline around an Object or Objects in VinylMaster. The Object(s) but not the Outline are printed onto media such as white vinyl, later the Outline is cut out using special Registration Marks (ARMS) or a Laser Pointer and a Vinyl Cutter, which then creates a decal or sticker. The Outline can be set at any distance from the edge of the Object or Objects and cut out from a separate vinyl cutter or on a Printer-Cutter. An example of Contour Cutting is shown above.

Print, Laminate & Cut*
Another application of Contour Cutting is to create a Cutline around an artwork’s perimeter. The artwork (not the Cutline) is then printed and later laminated and the Cutline then cut out to create the finished artwork.

*To operate a large format printer the VinylMaster RIP is required which is included only with: VinylMaster Xpt and is not available in VinylMaster Ltr.

VinylMaster – Working with Images (also includes Image Tools in VinylMaster Xpt)
Note: You can adjust the quality of the video in the bottom-right toolbar (directly above)

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