Text & Font Tools in VinylMaster Ltr

VinylMaster Ltr - Text Tools and Features

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VinylMaster Ltr comes with a suite of text tools and features with some of these shown in the screenshot above.

VinylMaster Ltr comes with 4 types of text types, as follows:

Text TypeDescription
Artistic Text:Suited to single words and short phrases that may include an effect
Vertical Text:Suited to single words and short phrases in a vertical format
Arc Text:Suited to single words and short paragraphs in a circular format
Text on Path:Suited to single words and short paragraphs following an object's path

Text Tools & Features
Each type of text comes with a selection of powerful tools and features. Coupled with VinylMaster’s large suite of effects and layout tools this means you can design and output a large range of professional decals and signage quickly and easily.

Working with Text
VinylMaster makes it very easy to Work with Text by providing you with specialist tools for:

• Adding Text
• Selecting Fonts and Setting Text Size
• Inserting Symbols (Special Characters)
• Breaking (Splitting) Text
• Converting Text into another Type
• Toggling Horizontal Text to Vertical Text

Formatting Text
VinylMaster makes it easy to Format Text by providing you with specialist tools to:

• Set Bold, Italic and Underline Styles
• Change Case
• Add a Pen Style (Stroke)
• Add a Fill
• Set Reverse Fill
• Insert Bullet Points
• Set Horizontal Alignment (Justification)
• Set Character Style, Sub and Super Script
• Apply Kerning
• Set Tracking
• Skew Text
• Adjust Line Spacing
• Adjust Word Spacing

Most of these tools are just a matter of 2-Clicks and have been designed to be easy to implement and understand.

Here is a selection of the text tools available in VinylMaster Ltr:

Insert Symbol

Insert Symbols

Vertical Text

Vertical Text

Text Skew
Text Tracking

Text Kerning

Text Tools

VinylMaster Ltr - Text Effects

Text Effects

VinylMaster – Working with Text (also includes Text in VinylMaster Xpt)
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