Fonts Collection – 5,200 Future Fonts

“VinylMaster Ltr comes with thousands of fonts all sorted into typographic categories”

VinylMaster Future Fonts

The Future Fonts Collection gives you a huge choice of 5,200 high-quality True Type fonts for every purpose, all arranged into 10 Typographic Categories that is further broken into 83 Sub-categories so that you can easily pinpoint the exact type of font you’re looking for.

Please Note: VinylMaster Ltr does not install Fonts, to do this please use the Fonts folder in Control Panel. If you require Font Manager please see: VinylMaster Xpt or VinylMaster Pro.

Font Selector

The Font Selector
Selecting Fonts in VinylMaster Ltr is simple using the Font Selector (as shown above) that lists each Major Typeface on the left side, a set of thumbnails in the center along with a full preview of the font and its glyphs on the right-side.

Please Note: The Font Selector is used throughout all versions of the VinylMaster Series with VinylMaster Xpt shown above.

VinylMaster – Working with Text
Note: You can adjust the quality of the video in the bottom-right toolbar (directly above)

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